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    • 12/15/2021
    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Zoom Webinar

    What the H*** Is Going on With the Global Supply Chain? 

    Will it Ever Go Back to "Normal?"

    From the factory and the shipper to the ports and the consumer, the day-to-day realities of the global supply chain are unlike anything most of us understand.

    Hong Kong-based international sourcing expert Steve Feniger, 30-year Tier 1 automotive veteran Dennis Hawver and the #1 investment banker for supply chain logistics, Ben Gordon, will analyze what (and who) caused the current issues and discuss the potential future state of the international economy.

    This lively virtual discussion, which will be moderated by Martin Stein, Founder and Managing Director of Blackford Capital, will illuminate strategies for lower middle market companies to survive and thrive in the current environment.

    Key program takeaways:

    • The causes of the ongoing supply chain issues and what the long-term impact and repercussions of the crisis may be.
    • Actions you should be taking if your company is currently sourcing in Asia.
    • Who is benefitting from the current situation?  And what are they doing to keep things from returning to “normal?”
    • The roles that sourcing, logistics and technology will play in solving the supply chain crisis.

    Our moderator:

    Martin Stein, Founder & Managing Director, Blackford Capital

    Our speakers:

    Steve Feniger, Operating Partner, Blackford Capital

    Benjamin Gordon, Managing Partner, Cambridge Capital

    Dennis Hawver, Director of Engineering, EBW Electronics


    This is a free bonus webinar program and available only by virtual attendance.  A link to attend will be shared with you after registration. This program is available at no charge to members and non-members.  Any guest that would like to participate may register to attend.



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08/14/2019 The Art of the Negotiation - Lessons from an NFL Agent
07/24/2019 ACG July Happy Hour - Meet the YP Committee
06/20/2019 Luncheon Series - Enhancing Your Credibility as a Leader
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09/20/2018 3 Reasons Why Companies Fail to Achieve Their Growth Goals...and what to do about it
08/28/2018 Can you have it all? Managing Life (and Work) as a Working Parent
08/08/2018 ACG Young Professionals Trivia Night
07/17/2018 ACG Young Professionals July Happy Hour
06/20/2018 Negotiating Risk Adjusted Pricing and Terms
06/07/2018 ACG Young Professionals June Happy Hour
06/07/2018 How to Love Your Work AND Get Paid What You're Worth
05/16/2018 Risk Mapping - ACG May Breakfast Program
05/10/2018 ACG Young Professionals May Happy Hour
05/10/2018 Women in Finance Luncheon Series - Women, Wealth, and Taking Control
04/19/2018 ACG University:Nonprofit Board Training
04/18/2018 Train Wrecks and Deals Gone Wrong - ACG April Breakfast
03/20/2018 ACG 2018 Outstanding Growth Awards
03/06/2018 ACG Young Professionals: PowerPoint Improv
03/01/2018 ACG Women in Finance Lunch - How to Build A Sustainable Business in the Digital Age
02/14/2018 ACG February Breakfast Program: Choosing Your Path to Growth
01/20/2018 ACG Cup Competition: Valuation Seminar
01/18/2018 Finance Feud: ACG Cup Fundraiser on January 18, 2018
01/17/2018 ACG January Breakfast Program - M&A Overview and Forecast
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05/23/2017 Young ACG Networking Happy Hour
05/23/2017 ACG Women in Finance Lunch: Data Optimization - How to Transform Data Into Meaningful Pictures
05/17/2017 ACG May Breakfast: TEAM
04/27/2017 ACG Women in Finance Lunch: Practicing Mindfulness at Work and Home
04/19/2017 ACG April Breakfast: EVOLVE
04/18/2017 ACG University: Committing to Community - Non-Profit Board Training
03/29/2017 Michigan Middle Market Summit
03/21/2017 ACG 2017 Outstanding Growth Awards
03/09/2017 Young Professionals Behind-the-Scenes Peek at Start Garden
03/01/2017 ACG Women in Finance Lunch: Gender Diversity
02/08/2017 ACG February Breakfast: INNOVATE
01/19/2017 Finance Feud: ACG Cup Fundraiser
01/18/2017 ACG January Breakfast: MEASURE: The Middle Market Report
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